Acer planning to spend US$ 320 million to make their Cloud dense!


Taiwanese enterprise, Acer has disclosed its plan of extracting cloud computing services for their own growth!

In a recent interview given by the Taiwanese giant Acer’s chairman J T Wang, the strategy of the tech based enterprise was disclosed. He informed the Taiwanese press that Acer would renew and strengthen their cloud computing services! For this they have planned to take up the U.S. based cloud computing firm.

The price of the acquisition revealed by the chairman was US$ 320 million!! This is surely a huge amount of money and Acer has decided to spend this sum as they believe that the money spend in grabbing iGware, will prove to be extremely beneficial for their enterprise; in the long run! Their sole purpose of doing so is to fortify their cloud service for their customers.

While answering a question in an interview conducted by the Taipei Times, the chairman J.T Wang was of the view; that iGware’s cloud computing services will give a boost to their current revenue. He further said that this cloud seller is a known name in cloud computing. They have around 40 to 50 clients who are avid users of cloud computing programs. They are also the sole suppliers of cloud computing services to the Japanese game maker, Nintendo!

Thus, in the long run Acer will be able to generate an additional amount of US$ 120 million with their collaboration with iGware!! Considering the benefit in the long run, J.T Wang was of the view that the price of the acquisition was absolutely adequate; during the interview!

Cloud computing services provided by iGware, are efficient, secure and guarantee performance and restoration of data to a high degree. In the times of constant evolution in technology, the need of the hour is to make maximum use of softwares and techniques which can enhance the productivity of an enterprise! In the process of doing so, it is mandatory to give vital importance to Cloud!

Consequently Acer does not plan to stay behind. Their strategy of developing the Acer Cloud is in the pipe line. J.T Wang was of the view that in order to achieve the goals set by the company, regarding Acer Cloud; it was important to uphold this acquisition of iGware.

Not only does he aim to establish Acer Cloud, but he says that the idea of taking the top spot in the market is their supreme goal! He wishes to undergo quick development so that they can compete with the cloud computing program developed by the closed source system of Apple’s iCloud! So let’s wish Acer all the luck in the world, as they might emerge as one of the biggest consumers of cloud computing services!

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