Amazon’s Cloud Computing Supercomputer Now Available on Rent

Amazon is providing rent services to afford its cloud computing super computer on low prices as compared to other companies providing cloud supercomputers

amazon supercomputerAmazon, a cloud computing service provider, is now providing its cloud supercomputer on rent basis. Its cloud computing computer is one of its kind i.e. has virtual and in the cloud. Its supercomputer is regarded as a technological wonder that has great features like high powered processing done from many machines located at different places to complete any complex task one can imagine.

The Amazon supercomputer is based on Elastic Compute Cloud a.k.a EC2 that is a great supporter of Amazon Web Services. Amazon introduced EC2 system in its supercomputer in the month of August 2006 and by 2010, it was ranked 233 in the chart of top 500 supercomputers. But, by November 2011, it grabed the spot 42 in the same chart

Amazon’s services are spread worldwide in multiple locations and due to this accessibility, has not only made this company really popular but a great clod computing service provider. The company is now doing a very noble deed of providing its supercomputer on rent basis on low prices. Now almost everyone can have the accessibility to use this service on low prices and can be benefited by company’ cloud computing services. So, If you don’t have much budget to afford a cloud computing computer than Amazon’s cloud supercomputer is just an affordable option for you that is best and one of a kind as well.

According to Mashable notes:

“The company’s supercomputer rocked through computations at 240 teraflops, or 240 trillion calculations per second. By comparison, the fastest supercomputer in the world, Fujitsu’s K Computer, runs at 10 petaflops, about 40 times as fast.”

Amazon cloud computing services are regarded as best in the world, its services are one of a kind, let’s just all of see what more it can do to attain more attention by consumers.

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