Analysts’ Remark: Cloud is Liable to Disruption Just As Any Other Computing System

With the recent outages experienced by Microsoft, there are speculations rising about Cloud being prone to damage and disruptions like any other computing system.

Analysts have calculated the credibility of cloud computing and the ways in which it can or has affected the performance of the cloud enterprises. The discussion was instigated by the cloud disruptions that have been faced by Microsoft. The disruptions that have occurred are not the first time cloud has caused disturbances in networking.

Microsoft has faced a disturbance by the Domain Name Service (DNS) and this disruption has provided analysts a chance to criticize the cloud service as it is liable to interruptions like any other computing system.

Ovum research director of IT for Asia Pacific, Dr Steve Hodgkinson, and IDC Australia associate vice president of services practice, Chris Morris, told Computerworld Australia about the disruptions. Hodgkinson said, “One effect of the recent incidents is just to remind people that Cloud services — no matter what their scale — are fallible like any other form of utility service, and we shouldn’t naively assume otherwise. Occasional outages are a useful reminder of the need to have realistic expectations and to have a plan B if the continuity of the service is critical. ”

Chris Morris also expressed similar sentiments at the disruption. He was of the view, “It will make more visible to customers the necessity of understanding the terms of the service they use. Signing up to a Cloud provider does not remove the need to understand the impact on the business of an interruption to service. What matters most to market confidence … is the transparency of the provider’s communication and their explanations of what happened, and what will be done to prevent a repeat of the problems that caused the outage.”

The comments of these officials about the disruptions has displayed that cloud computing is a nice computing technique, but it must not be relied upon immensely. Computing service is liable to damage and therefore the professionals must be prepared before they submit themselves immensely to this service. An alternate route or which Hodgkinson has called “plan B”, must be at the back drop to avoid any serious loss.

Microsoft suffered as the access to the Cloud Services, Office365 Cloud services, Hotmail and was disrupted. The recovery was made after three hours, but I’m sure after this experience, Microsoft will be prepared in case anything similar to this happens again.

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