Cloud computing – a Farfetched Idea for Indian Tech World

Cloud computing is to be the next big thing, but experts believe it is still too soon for the technology grounds to adopt it

cloud computing indiaCloud computing is the talk of the town. Not only in the leading countries, but the South Asian nations are also paying heed to the uprise of cloud computing. The awareness has increased over the last couple of years because there has been a lot of marketing done by the cloud providers. Cloud computing is being understood as a concept and it is leaping in the lines of the tech firms.

However, in India, the IT industry is flourishing immensely. Their growth is immense and so is their clientele across the world. With this debate as to whether cloud computing is suitable for the IT infrastructure in India or not, there have been opinions that may be it is too soon to submit to such an advanced computing system, such as cloud computing. The Symantec’s 2011 State of Cloud Survey has presented their opinion regarding this. The survey suggests, “Despite a great deal of consideration, many organizations claimed that they are not ready to adopt the cloud.” The survey conducted by the respective company included 300 companies from India and more than 6000 from across the globe.

The Managing Director of Symantec Ajay Goel, has also explained that this drift is natural because the IT industry has to immensely firm to take over the idea of cloud computing, completely. However, a gradual transformation can be better than a complete shift to the new system. He added, “The findings of the survey are based on responses from 300 companies in India. Globally, 5,300 companies participated in the survey. This gives a direction that people should concentrate on training of IT staff, before moving on to the cloud big time. They are interested in what the cloud has to offer yet, when it comes to implementation, they are hesitant, primarily due to concerns over security of their information. 85 per cent expected cloud to improve their IT agility, which is their ability to launch services very quickly. But only 57 per cent said that it actually did.” However, Goel was positive about the future prospects of the Indian IT industry. He added, “India is in an infrastructure building mode. Cloud will see huge adoption, mainly form SMEs, as it will eliminate the need for the companies to build infrastructure and reduce their costs.”

Cloud computing, not being a very easy system to incorporate, will take time before it starts releasing results which are anticipated from the system.

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