Global Emissions Can Be Cut Off by 30% or More by Shifting to Cloud Computing

According to Microsoft, businesses can help reducing emissions by adapting cloud computing

‘Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment and services are estimated to double their global carbon emissions to 4 percent of global electricity consumption by 2020, taking an 8-10 percent share of electricity consumption in the EU alone’, says Microsoft vice president for EU affairs and Associate General Counsel, John Vassallo.

Found at, Vasallo’s industry valuation, discusses the prospects the ICT sector could provide at that time when UK wanted to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 over 1990 levels. EU tends to review its strategies to meet its energy saving limit to 20% by 2020. All in all, the ICT industry leaders are planning to as the European Commission brings in forward a legal framework related to the cloud computing services. They say it would assist EU businesses to contribute in a global market prediction to reach approximate 70 billion Euros on annual basis in 2015. This demand is part of industry’s endorsements on a future European Cloud Computing Strategy.

Vassalo’s viewpoint is that ICT industry has a great potential to reduce environmental impact on economic growth by providing technology to itself and other industrial sectors. He recommends Cloud Computing to be a remarkable model for efficient energy growth. He points out the current sustainable improvements including reuse of waste heat and utilization of natural cooling at data centers to increase demand.

While referencing a 2010 Accenture study, “Cloud Computing and Sustainability: The Environmental Benefits of Moving to the Cloud,” Vassallo said that by moving their set-up to cloud computing, more than the thousand businessmen can reduce carbon emissions and use of energy by more than thirty percent.  Moreover, the small and medium scale businesses who have more than hundred users would witness reductions by ninety percent. He also stated that as per estimate billions of dollars are wasted globally on maintenance, energy, cooling, hardware and management.

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