Google Cloud Services Criticized by Jason Hoffman

The Joyent founder, Jason Hoffman in a cloud conference expressed his views over Google not open sourcing its database.

Earlier in 2008, Google had its App Engine made which radically established its application developing techniques. However now lately those and the current Big Table distributed Database is being called off by Jason Hoffman in a cloud computing conference.

The cloud computing conference was held in San Francisco and was also led by a Google engineer who presented Google’s perspective against the remarks that were being passed by Hoffman. Jason Hoffman is the founder of Joyent and is well equipped with the likes of cloud computing and he presents an unbiased comparison between different cloud service providers.

“The reality is that if you’re using Big Table as your data store and you want to get the benefit of scale, you can’t leave [App Engine],” he said, contradicting the Google engineer sitting in the seat next to him. “Unless Google either open sources Big Table or makes it so you can buy it and install it on your own servers, you’re locked in.”

This approach of being restricted in usage regarding the Big Table is something that Hoffman does not approve of. He was eager at the conference to compare Google with the other diverse yet leading names in cloud computing and how they have provided millions of users with their open source services.

“We had just a few final things to do with our operating system so that we could look at it and say ‘OK, this is a once-every-ten-or-twenty-year thing’, and one of them was hardware virtualization. We’re actually able to do instrumentation around Windows and Linux that Windows and Linux have never seen, not even at Microsoft or Red Hat,” he says. “With DTrace and KVM, we have arbitrary observability at the hardware/software boundary. On the one hand, this doesn’t deliver the total, up-the-stack visibility that we get with DTrace in [Joyent's OS-level virtual machines], but it does allow for unprecedented visibility into things like I/O latency, interrupt delivery, CPU scheduling.”" Hoffman tells The Register.

Jason Hoffman, with the Google engineer has clarified many points regarding cloud computing and the liability of promoting open source services.

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