NASA is Designing Infrastructure for Private Cloud

The lead architect of NASA is all set to design a structural unit to help enterprises construct Private Cloud.

Private cloud is a subsidiary of Cloud, designed to suffice those who want to work upon their individually established infrastructures. NASA has taken the lead in helping enterprises to develop easily built Public Clouds. The NASA Cloud division has already worked upon open- source OpenStack cloud computing system. However, this new decision will open new doors to the field of Cloud computing.

Piston Cloud computing will also be involved in the venture as they will be providing OpenStack distribution so that easy deployment can be made with secure guidelines within the businesses involved with public clouds on OpenStack. Joshua McKenty, CEO of Piston Cloud and formerly cloud architect and technical lead at NASA said over the issue, “The rationale for starting the company is that the options for deploying private clouds are complicated, hard to configure, time-intensive to maintain and don’t necessarily scale terribly well.”

The concern that grips McKenty the most is that since many enterprises are already gripped by the leads of public cloud, he wishes an integration to take place between public and private cloud so that a refined Cloud computing structure can be developed. Also, in expressing his concerns, he has called private cloud, “a different beast altogether. “This is because the format and operating of the public cloud will be far more complex and very personalized as compared to the public clouds.

PentOS has been especially designed as perfect software for the establishment of private cloud. It starts with a Linux distribution that only includes the components required to run OpenStack, an OpenStack distribution and a suite of automation tools. It’s designed to be used with low-cost server and hardware components.

McKenty says about the use of PentOS, “Enterprises that are building private clouds on OpenStack hire professional services groups that deploy high-available, load-balanced nodes including blade servers for computing and storage nodes for storage, he said. But you’re not really taking advantage of the elasticity of the cloud. With PentOS, users can buy a single class of server and use the software to automate things like running a database that requires high reliability on any server depending on available capacity and hard drive reliability. “We’re automating away the reliance on high-availability hardware,” he said.

Thus, once the platform for private Cloud is set, there is just the need for enterprises to deploy these personalized Cloud computing services and examine their results.

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