Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has Introduced Cloud Computing in Telecom Sector

NSN has launched an all new liquid technology that will simplify the complexity of telecom network, similar to cloud computing.

NSNNokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has been called upon as world’s second mobile gear maker after Ericsson grabs the top spot. The company has made it big even before, however, now they are aiming at sharing network resources which can facilitate their mobile and broadband networks.

The telecom industry is facing issues with their network capacity. As the usage of Smartphone and tablets increases, the sufficient supply and performance of the network is facing disruptions. The network disrupts during rush hours when the load is immense and the network has to deliver and acts as a carrier for many connections.

The most crowded of network centers is at the city. There the use is immense and so is the demand for a disrupted network. In a situation like this, the users have to buy base centers at the suburbs so that the load can be shifted. But these possibilities are there only when traditional technology is deployed for the network management. In other cases, the network remains disrupted causing unease.

“For operators it offers a better use of capital. You invest in total network load, not in peak levels,” Phil Twist, head of marketing at NSN’s Network Systems unit, said in an interview.

However, the NSN engineers have found out a way out of this and that is through reliable and solid computing power units that are to be based on Cloud computing models. These power units are to be connected and data is to be shared so that the load can be reduced. Phil Twist says on this, “It is the first major step toward using standard servers by telecom equipment makers which have been historically able to fetch strong margins from dedicated equipment.”

Cloud computing models are the main providers of integrated networking where information can be shared and divided between data center no matter from which field of technology, they belong to. The aim is to release the load. In this case, the burden of network supply from this Telecom gear maker needed to be divided so that the cost on establishing new base centers was to be saved. Cloud based computing fulfils this need and through this, Nokia Siemens Networks might give Ericson a hard time as their network efficiency will improve immensely.

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