OnLive Providing iPad Users Cloud Streaming Technology

OnLive is providing full access to desktop applications in iPads such as Microsoft Word using high speed streaming technology

OnLive is one of the biggest companies in providing cloud streaming technology. It has been announced by OnLive will provide full access to desktop applications such as Microsoft Word using high streaming technology to iPad users. It is also true that Windows desktop applications that are stored and executed in OnLive cloud web connected data centers work as quickly and efficiently as if they were stored on the user’s own computer. OnLive is providing network that is built for streaming high end games to low end computers, it is also providing same networks to both consumers and enterprise users to stream productivity apps. It is also providing fast web browsing to be used in devices like iPads.

OnLive’s streamed apps aren’t a copy of Microsoft’s software but it is providing a full featured Windows 7 applications including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint software. These applications are easily accessible to provide home broadband connections or Wi-Fi connections for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

OnLive desktop is a continuous threat to Intel’s microprocessor business providing easily accessible demanding applications with low end hardware but OnLive is providing a high end cloud PC to access a lot of heavy duty applications. This dream was visioned many years ago by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt when he worked for Sun Microsystems known as “hollowing out the PC,” when he first envisioned that heavy-duty internet-connected servers, or the cloud, could reduce the need to have a lot of processing power in a PC. So now low processing power PC can have a lot of heavy duty applications, all thanks to OnLive desktop apps.

When the iPad came out in 2010, observers said it was a great device for reading documents, but not for creating them. Now, with OnLive Desktop, creating documents on an iPad is a breeze. You no longer need a high processing power PC to do that.

OnLive is already working on apps from Microsoft Word to Autodesk software working via cloud streaming. These softwares are running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. The company will be showing especially this service at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Steve Perlman, chief executive of OnLive stated that:

“This is real-time cloud computing, OnLive Desktop allows you to combine the touch gestures of a tablet with an on-screen Windows keyboard and handwriting recognition. That lets you conveniently view and edit complex documents on a tablet with the same efficiency as if you were editing them on a PC. Rich media such as video, animation, slide transitions and games run smoothly”

The OnLive desktop app is making the remote access of PC applications to work more efficiently, compared to rival solutions such as running a virtual desktop via Citrix, which lets you log into a remote server to access your desktop documents. Citrix and other desktop virtualization services are not providing cloud access work at a speed of a few frames per second while OnLive Desktop is expected to enable high-definition services at 30 to 60 frames per second. It takes as little as 17 seconds to log into an OnLive Desktop account.

Perlman also stated that:

“If you’ve got a PowerPoint presentation embedded with videos and transitions screens, it works perfectly with OnLive Desktop on an iPad. So, iPad users can now simply and securely view and edit cloud-hosted documents with full-featured Windows desktop applications like Microsoft Office, just as if they were using a local high-performance PC, Multi-touch gestures respond instantly and smoothly, while HD videos, animations and PC video games,  never before usable on a remote desktop play seamlessly.”

OnLive Enterprise will enable businesses to secure computing resources. Perlman said “OnLive is starting with an iPad app, but Android, smartphones, PC, Mac and TV access will follow this path soon.” OnLive remote access desktop apps are going to give a huge competition to Mokafive  Citrix. VMware etc and even other cloud storage or virtualization rivals including Dropbox and Box

OnLive is also providing the OnLive Game Service, where a gamer can watch someone else’s multiplayer game in action, which is definitely a huge success for OnLive cloud enterprises.

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