Oracle Plans to Strengthen its Cloud

Oracle’s Cloud computing structure is not that strong, yet the company strives to make it worthy of real Cloud services.

Oracle, the data base management programme, has adopted Cloud just a few years back. Their experience in Cloud is less and the company strives to improve its current state. During the next week, Oracle will conduct the mega event of its Oracle Open World at San Francisco. Experts are of the view that is Oracle worthy of deploying advanced services on the basis of their Cloud models? Are their models sustainable?

The event will include big names in the Cloud domain and discussions will be held as to how and why should one deploy Cloud. Its benefits will be discussed along with the security issues or concerns that might arise in the course of time. At such a place, one doubts the credibility of Oracle amongst all these other companies. The fear is a little more than normal, because Oracle apparently did not approve of Cloud some years ago. It was considered as an unsecure domain by the CEO of the company, Larry Ellison. He had said earlier about this, “Cloud computing is about far more than simply serving applications via the network. It is, at the least, about pay-per-use billing, process automation, and on-demand provisioning of additional resources and increasing efficiency through multi-tenant architectures. Many believe cloud computing is about openness. If it does not increase flexibility and efficiency while decreasing extraneous costs, it is not cloud computing.”

Experts have given their opinion over the sudden inclination of Oracle towards Cloud computing that it is good but the company needs to work hard and strive to compete with the international standards set for Cloud Computing. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said, “Ten years ago it was a joke: you’d raise $20 million in venture capital and write a $4 or $5 million check to Oracle, Sun, BEA, and EMC. … When it started, Sales force looked like a toy compared with Siebel. Look ahead five years later, it’s obviously better. Not a single one of our startups uses Oracle.”

Thus considering the remarks made, one can see that Oracle is not being given the substantial position that it strives for in the Cloud computing domain. The servers that they are deploying are back seated in other companies. It somehow disturbs the international level. Thus experts are of the view that Oracle will have to introduce more flexible support plans so that their Cloud expertise can be polished.

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