People Lack Awareness Regarding Private Cloud

In a survey conducted recently, it was revealed that less people from an IT background know the exact context of using a Private Cloud.

There are speculations that people belonging to the IT sector find it difficult to differentiate between virtualization and cloud. Not only this, but they are also ambiguous about what the private cloud is! I’m sure all those who are reading this article will agree to it!

The ideas that evolve in the minds of many techies are not based on actual definitions of these services. Thus it is vital to explain what Private Cloud, virtualization and cloud computing are.

Before jumping on to the Private Cloud, it is important to figure out what virtualization is. Virtualization is just the placing of workloads on virtual setups. These setups are not physical, but merely virtual. Several virtual machines are placed which an enterprise can utilize with the assistance of servers like web server and database servers.

On the other hand, cloud computing serves a particular purpose. It is a virtual infrastructure designed to locate and reserve the resources of a specific infrastructure. Cloud services are being adopted in hospitals, libraries, administrative office and several other domains.

Moving on to the Private Cloud, this is something which provides you with the opportunity of using services at a very grand scale. A cloud user says, “You need to know that a private cloud doesn’t have to be hosted in your own data center. That’s right; you can use a shared data center and still have a private cloud of your very own. Shared data center doesn’t mean public cloud. Think of it like this: You have a business in a large multi-tenant office building. You don’t own the building but your business is there. You are sharing certain resources but your business is separate and distinct from all others in that same multi-tenant office building.”

Thus in terms of IT services, one must clearly understand the specifications of each and every aspect so that the right service or tool can be adopted for your enterprise.

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