Public Cloud Having Little Impact on Databases

Public cloud is having very little impact on Enterprise databases

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about businesses of today and it has taken a center stage as the hottest enterprise technology over the last two years. However, the public cloud and off site hosted database services still have certain unknown factors to have full fledged mass adoption. According to the co author of the Information Week “State of Database Technology” that reports that:

“The public cloud is so far having very little impact on enterprise databases.”

David Read, CTO of Blue Slate Solutions and co-author of the report says that:

“Although enterprises are adopting cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM), email, enterprise content management and web hosting services, concerns and challenges related to the cloud are slowing the adoption of cloud-based databases.”

In today’s enterprise businesses, only 70% are currently using a cloud provider for their primary database technology. Most of the businesses who have adopted cloud based database services are still managing database operations within their own staff IT departments. Read further says that:


“Concerns and challenges that are slowing adoption include security, SLAs and performance. Security of cloud offerings continues to be debated. Having standards by which a cloud offering could be measured are slow in gaining traction, Breaches, whether of true cloud provider infrastructures, or just general web-based solutions, continues to reinforce the risks of moving information outside the castle walls.”

According to an international survey done to find out the number of businesses who truly have adopted cloud Database services depicts that:

29 per cent of businesses are researching cloud options. However, 55 per cent of businesses are not considering cloud as the primary database technology.

The thing is Enterprises are looking to virtualization for the promised benefits of ease of deployment, reduction of hardware costs, reduction in energy costs and simplified disaster recovery. Databases benefit most from ease of deployment and simplified disaster recovery. However, the cloud is still gaining the interest of enterprise IT departments, even if IT professionals don’t yet think it’s ready to be adopted by all the enterprise businesses.

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