US Federation Expresses Doubt Over Use of ‘Cloud Technology’

Cloud computing is facing trouble in seeping within the US federal lines because the US Federation doubts the security of their confidential data logs.

Cloud computing is surely taking the world by rage but as far as the US government is concerned, they still have their reservations in completely using cloud for their data management. Vivek Kundra, the White House’s chief information officer was a strong advocate of cloud computing but it appears that the US government will wait for another couple of years before entrusting their data to cloud.

“Just as the Internet has led to the creation of new business models unfathomable 20 years ago, cloud computing will disrupt and reshape entire industries in unforeseen ways,” Mr. Kundra wrote in an e-mail.

He believes that cloud computing can open horizons that would prove to be wondrous for the IT industry. However, the US government’s priority is security and for this they are hesitant in allotting the cloud computing companies, the door keys of their data centers which are highly confidential. They say that Contractors like Amazon, Google and Lockheed Martin are known suppliers of cloud but despite that, the liability of getting their confident data in danger, still exists. These three companies have made it big by providing cloud services in several spheres of life. But the US federation does not want to go under pressure and bear any violent consequences later.

An example of the US security leak is the attack on Pentagon when 24,000 confidential files were hacked. Such discrepancy occurred in a manual situation however; on net too they will be able to make it work one way or the other.

“When done with the proper considerations and planning, cloud computing will be a very effective and efficient tool,” Ms. Takai said.

The chief information officer for the Teri Takai, Teri Takai was of the view that US federation will only entrust everything to cloud, until when it has some considerable projects under its wings and it is able to secure its leaking and transferring.

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