Amazon Cloud Offers Unlimited Music to combat Google & Apple


Amazon Cloud Drive offers new storage plans including unlimited music space, free storage for music purchases, and availability for iPad

Amazon had already beaten Google and Apple by releasing its Cloud Player and Drive services earlier than them in March. It’s Cloud Player and Cloud Drive services included 5 GB of free space and a music player. However, these were only available through the web and on Android. But Amazon plans to change that.

Recently, Amazon announced some clever updates to their service which might beat Apple and Google to the punch. Its ‘music locker’ will now feature unlimited storage facilities for music, free storage of MP3 bought on Amazon’s site, and the introduction of the Cloud Player on Apple’s iPad.

Is it too good to be true? Perhaps. There is a catch to these services; Amazon’s Cloud Player and Cloud Drive will cost atleast $20 a year at the lowest price mark. Since it seems quite reasonable, one can expect millions of iPad users to flock towards Amazon to try out their services. The Cloud Drive services also include 20 GB of data storage and unlimited space for MP3 and ACC music files.

Not all is changing though; the price levels and offers remain the same. At $20 customers will still receive 5 GB of cloud space to upload music libraries – a tactic to attract customers first, create loyalty, and then tempt them to upgrade their storage plans. To do this Amazon is also offering customers a limited offer in which subscribing for a Cloud Drive plan will also get them unlimited storage for no added cost. Amazon has not released when the limited offer will end, so users should subscribe to their services now if they want to test the cloud out.

While Amazon’s service is primarily aimed at music uploads to combat against its rivals, it also offers other uploading functions such as generic files, videos, documents, photos, etc. According to a press release, Amazon also said that those who previous were eligible for 20 GB of free storage from special offers can now upgrade at no additional cost.

Amazon is battling against the iCloud very successfully. Its web Cloud Player for the iPad is “optimized to offer customers streaming playback of their Cloud Drive music using Safari,” according to the company. Amazon has made this move after the iCloud released its storage plans of 5 free 5 GB online storage and an ability to sync emails, documents, calendars, photos, apps and much more. It’s obvious that tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple are fighting each other for a share in the cloud, what isn’t obvious is which one will win the race. Will Amazon be able to gain dominance after its promotional offers?

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