Apple and Microsoft Take Cloud Computing to the Public – Bedford Report


The Bedford Report provides a research on Apple and Microsoft describing the mainstream capabilities of iCloud and Office 365.

According to the equity research on the two companies and the cloud computing industry, firms are increasingly looking forward to cloud technology to reduce their operational costs and develop sound financials. Enterprises want to implement technology not only to due cost reduction advantages but also due to the flexibility and mobility it offers.

The Bedford Report provides market research on equities and focuses on value stocks, growth firms and those that offer high returns on their stock price. It is an independent research firm that generates revenue from advertisement rather than deriving it from the stocks it mentions. Lately, it has been focusing on reports and the outlook of the technology sector.

The analysts of Bedford Report predict that the expenditure on cloud computing will rise substantially in the coming months and years. According to the firm’s press release, “Systems software spending will be boosted by growing interest in cloud computing. It is expected that revenues increase at a mid-single digit rate in 2011, approximately in line with the overall IT industry.”

This has also been boosted by Microsoft and Apple’s entry into the cloud computing market. Last month, Microsoft released its Office 365 that put the cloud computing market in the mainstream sector. Office 365 is aimed for SMEs and small firms with a plan to optimize its services for firms with a small employee base – ones with less than 25 users. The product includes Office Web Apps, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online for a reasonable cost – about $6 per user a month – that may increase the cloud’s popularity to users with fewer funds. According to Bedford Report, this method will take the cloud mainstream.

Apple’s iCloud is the other key driving force in the market. Last month Apple also released its cloud service, a complete suite “that automatically allows Apple product users to store and retrieve applications in the cloud.” This service is primarily aimed for its music store business where users can transfer their playlists to the cloud; if they didn’t download it from iTunes, then they would be charged approximately $24.99 a year to use the service. According to the Apple CEO Steve Jobs, iCloud and the cloud technology will replace the use of personal computers and become the center of the users’ digital lives. Jobs also adds that since every person has a number of devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, phones, etc it would be difficult to rely on the personal computer – the iCloud would be needed to sync everything.

The Bedford Report’s press release says that Microsoft and Apple’s cloud services for small business and the common user will put the cloud technology in the mainstream. More and more users will be spending funds on these services in the coming years as the cloud becomes central to a person’s life.

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