China’s Ice City to be converted into a Cloud Valley


The City of Harbin in China famed as the ‘Ice City’, is soon to be transformed into a base for Cloud computing!

The Chinese City of Harbin is a place where temperature is cold and numerous annual ice festivals and winter celebrations are conducted there! The place is under the scrutiny of many IT companies as they are showing interest in re-establishing the place as the Cloud Valley.

The temperature of this Chinese city is around 5 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the City of Harbin is favorable for the IT investors because they have to spend a huge amount of money to dispel their heat servers. This amount of revenue can be saved, if the Ice City becomes the Cloud Valley!!

The main investor of the deal, Mou Weibo, head of the Gopha Group was of the view that the formation of the Cloud Valley will prove to be a new milestone in the world of IT. He said, “We’ve got the geography, the temperature and the networks. We’ve got the electricity, the cooling water, and we’ve got the talent to get going on Cloud Valley.”

As it is known to all, cloud computing provides an opportunity to many IT companies and individuals to decentralize their data, making it easy to access it from any computer. This beneficial networking can be conducted in The Ice City because of its favorable temperature!!

Most often, the cloud computing centers are located in places where temperatures are low. The low temperature helps keep the units and the operating heat sinks in control. These units are responsible for maintaining the heat of the huge banks of computers installed as part of the cloud computing service. The City of Harbin provides favorable conditions for the operating of such systems. It is near the Songhua River which makes them rich in cold water. The water can be utilized in case of emergency heat state.

The installation of the Cloud Valley will require uninterrupted electricity supply. In this regard, the personal electrical grids which Harbin possesses will be of vital importance!! Mou Weibo has high hopes for this project, as the features of the City of Ice and the requirements for creating a base for cloud computing; are in harmony!

This collaboration between the inhabitants of Harbin and the cloud computing service will prove to be extremely beneficial for the city’s economic growth!!

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