Citrix swigs Open Stack ally


Citrix; the master benefactors of desktop virtualization, eats up, making it big news. is a well-known open source software platform which has been successful in including itself in the good books of cloud computing services. They have delivered several components based on private and public environments. The newsflash related to this platform is that Citrix, a multinational provider of desktop virtualization has eaten up the Open Stack ally

This Silicon Valley venture has been amazingly purchased by Citrix on Tuesday, 12th July 2011. was a three year old venture based on Open Stack. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed yet but it is assumed to be of $500m, (heavy money!).

Citrix will be benefited from the deal as they will have access to 65 appealed customers of So the big fish will get even bigger! Interestingly, Citrix aims at using CloudStack, the software which works with VMware vSphere, Xen, and KVM hypervisors. On Monday during the announcement of the huge deal being made, it was announced that CloudStack will continue to support vSphere and KVM, but now as a project of Citrix. will also undergo some changes as CloudStack will be placed inside a new cloud-computing unit within Citrix. The Cloud Platform Group will be run by the general manager Sameer Dholakia. However, the OpenStack is now home to many leading IT residents including Dell, Citrix, Microsoft and Rackspace.

The deal has been made and it surely will entice all freaks ready to get any spice related to cloud computing and Citrix. Let as spectators, wait to see whether it is beneficial for both the borders or not.

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