Microsoft attempts to strengthen its grip over cloud computing market


Microsoft falls in love with Cloud Computing and gives it a new life in their field by presenting them to their business partners.

It is the need of the hour for all pioneers to pull up their socks and adopt new ways of reaching the sky…high time!! Looks like Microsoft computers has heard what I’ve just said…because what if it is already huge in IT, it yet strives to reach higher limits. They have successfully taken the assistance of Cloud Computing to satisfy their patrons and grab some more clients!! (*wink*)

Satya Nadella, the president of server and tool business at Microsoft, was all going gaga over the benefits of Cloud Computing and the way it will surely transform the clientele of Microsoft making it, the father of all titans in the industry! The generous praise for Cloud Computing goes as follows:

Cloud computing is as big a transformation as we have ever seen and, together with our partners, Microsoft will help customers through the shift.By betting on Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to cloud computing, partners can embrace this transformation and build strong and vibrant practices that will advance how business gets done.  ”

Nadella was of the view that they want their clients to feel at ease with this reliable business solution and can surely hope for a larger increase in their revenue. (Really?) This is good piece of news for all the onlookers!  Not only will you all be getting solutions but will receive an assurance of high revenues!! Great news!

Microsoft aims at growing and it surely is doing so. Microsoft partners have more than doubled in the last year and now include more than 41,000 partners and 300,000 trained specialists on the cloud computing service. With conviction, entrust your business strategies to Microsoft as they have the master dealers of Cloud Computing giving them a helping hand!

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