Microsoft BPOS struck by another Cloud hitch!!!


Who says, computer programs don’t get tired?? Well, those of you who think they don’t, you’re mistaken then, because they really do! Cloud likely seems to be in favor of a sudden snag after all the hard work it has done for Microsoft BPOS!!

Microsoft’s BPOS, Business Productivity Online Suite has been badly triggered in its peaceful run of service, by the sudden Cloud hiccups! On Tuesday, the 19th of July, there was a sudden discomfort faced by the Microsoft BPOS customers online. They were amazed to see irregular insertions into their email accounts!! (I hope none of the readers have faced this state of discomfort!! Though I sympathize with the ones who did…!)

Because of the abrupt intrusion, the company’s dashboard got stuck for some time and caused an error everywhere! It has been reported that a similar error occurred in Microsoft BPOS last month too. The customers this time however, received unprecedented emails and replies which caused irritation and the system was not even responding to entertain their complaints. In this regard, the employees took two hours to upgrade the Cloud dashboard at Microsoft BPOS!! I’m sure during this time period; there must have been panic around as many customers were found accusing the Cloud system!! Certainly revealing a lot about the level of their agitation!!

Not only was the agitation of BPOS users vocal and informal, but they collectively posted complaints and remarks on Twitter about the Cloud hitch and the extent to which it has disappointed them as customers. They called off all the promises that were made to them from the manufacturers of the Cloud infrastructure, earlier last month when a similar hiccup rose!

Thus now, the Microsoft BPOS did not say much in their defense except this, that there had been some software problem which caused the constant supply of irregular and unwanted emails to all the cloud maniacs and Microsoft BPOS customers! I suppose this time Microsoft will ensure that an error such as this, never happens again as it will surely put down their growth rate and performance level!! Steady Microsoft BPOS!!

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