Wyle shakes hands with Federal Cloud computing Commission!


Wyle, the U.S. firm is bringing cloud computing into the Federal sphere….through a dense Commission!

Cloud computing is being incorporated within the spheres of the Federal government of U.S. This is being done by the Wyle executive, in an effort to educate the multiple policy makers and law based sections to apply cloud computing solutions in their fields.

Wyle is a leading provider of technical, electrical and technological services to the various organizations of the U.S. government. They already have a name in the market and their solutions and recommendations have resulted in considerable progress for the U.S. government.

Rick White, the chief technology officer for Wyle’s Information Systems Group, has been appointed to the TechAmerica Cloud Commission 2. This Cloud Commission was established earlier this year by the Washington based advocacy group. This commission will help the Federal government bodies to work with cloud computing programs to rise up in the global competitiveness.


Rick White was of the view, “While cloud computing is a common topic of conversation in the Federal Contracting market space, there seems to still be discussion to define it and delineate its appropriate application in order to achieve the promised benefits. As numerous technology magazines and organizations clamor to extol the benefits of ‘the cloud, Wyle is actively collaborating with TechAmerica constituents in exploring the implications of cloud technology and best practices as applicable to the Federal Government’s utilization of cloud computing.” This collaboration will prove to be a unique one, for Wyle in the near future!

The management of Wyle currently realizes the gravity of technology’s evolution. They are enrolling themselves in similar collaborations with the Federal government, to make use of cloud computing services in multiple sectors.

Wyle, the private firm is fully involved with U.S government in terms of providing weapons systems, aircrafts, networks and various other government assets. Thus, this collaboration will provide all U.S. policy makers to comprehend the implications and benefits of cloud computing!

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